Mi Biografía:

My name is Melina Muriel Alzate I have 15 years old, I study in secundary school Agustiniano St. Nicholas, I am studying the half technical study program in electronic systems technology.




Examen final del Primer Periodo


Tema Del Segundo Periodo


Description of my family

My mother is 46 years old, her name is Viviana and she is a housewife.
My grandmother is 56 years old, her name is Rocio and she is housewife
My grandfather is 65 years old, his name is Alberto and he is pensioned.

My mom has long black and staright hair, has the perfect body, average weight, average height, her face is oval and her skin color is tanned

My grandmother  has red, short and curly hair , is a little fat,  average weight according to her age, average height, her face is oval and her skin color is white

My grandfather has gray, straight hair, average weight, he is tall, his face is oval and his skin color is white.


  • She gets out of bed.
  • she teeth syllabe.
  • she wipes her face.
  • she combs her hair
  • she stands in uniform.
  • breakfast she.
  • she will study.
  • she comes to study.
  • she plays piano.
  • she makes tasks.
  • she watch tv.
  • she playing on the computer.
  • she goes to sleep .
  • she says goodbye to her mother.


  • By the time, my father has come and I will have learned to swim.
  •  By the time, I get my boyfriend to the club will be drunk.
  • I will sew shirts my parents.
  • I am going to own the whiskey
  • I am not going to eat the fish
  • I will not fly inthe ballon.



  • Hotel Name: Luxurios 
  • Main Intinerary: Jose Martin 8:00 am ,Manley 9:30 am
  • Price: 2’000.000
  • Clotink descripcion: Chores sandals blouses


  1. Hotel name: Shinjuko Grainbell
  2. Main Intinerary: Jose Maria 7:00 pm ,The Dorado 9:00 pm ,Barajas 10:00 pm
  3. Prices: 270.000
  4. Clothing descripcion: indoor clothing




Exotic places in the world
  1. Hotel name: Ayana resort Balí
  2. Main intineray: virescent rice terraces – pulse..pudinal surf at 2 pm ocloc’k – enehanting temple ceremonies to 6 pm oclo’k – museum.
  3. Prices: one person five millions pesos
  4. Clothing description: no t-shirt, sandals and short.
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                                                                           REVIEW OF VERBS

spanish    present   past      Past participle

Comprar   buy     bought    bought

Ser Be (am is are) Was   were   Been

Dar            give    gave       Given

hacer        Do make    Did made     Done made

llevar          Take          took          Taken

Ir                 go           went           Gone

Comer       Eat          ate              Eaten

Bailar         Dance      danced       danced

Viajar         Travel        traveled       traveled

Montar       Ride            Rode         ridden

Dormir       sleep         Slept          slept

Cocinar      Cook         cooked      cooked

Amar          Love          Loved         Loved

Vivir             Live          Lived           Lived

Atravezar   Cross       Crossed      Crossed

Cabar         Dig             Dug           Dug

Robar         steal         Stole         Stolen

Llegar         Arrive at     Arrived at    Arrived at

Morir            die             Died         Died

estudiar    study          studied       studied


1º Will: It serves only to specify future action likely, unsafe. This simple in Spanish we have to root RE/RAS/REMOS/RAN. We use will for decisions taken now.
-I will swim.
– I won’t swim.  
– Will i swim?
2º To be going to: It is equivalent to do something“. We use Be Going To to exprese near future or predictions. The sentence structure is: 
To be + going + to + verb (in the infinitive)

I am going to learn.

 I’m not going to learn.

Am i going to learn?
3º Perfet: It used for probably activities. the main aspect is to use the future “will have+ past participle of a verd”.

You will have tought.
You won’t have tourght. 
– Will you have tought?
4º Future ing: It is used to refer to facts or future activities that have already been decided or agreed upon previously and is expressed through the structure: WILL BE + ING VERB.

– You will be speaking.
-You won’t be speaking.
– Will you be speaking?
5º F.P. Ing: It is used to express long will have lasted an action at a specific time in the future.

she will have been flying. 
she won’t hace been flying.
Will she have been flying?

6º Present ing: It is used for events that are occurring in or around this particular moment in time, or to indicate that something is temporary, or to talk about situations that are changing, and also to talk about plans in the future.

 It is going somewhere.
It is not going somewhere.


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